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Nursery Workers


To provide care and nurturing for infants and children in the nursery.


Accountable to the Pastor as head of staff, the Inreach Team, and the Session.


  • To take initiative in introducing self to parents and children, welcoming them to the nursery on behalf of the church, record attendance and any pertinent information as to the child’s needs and location where parent can be reached.

  • To play with the children, providing individual attention to any child who is crying or upset.

  • To be regular and on time.

  • To be alert to the physical and emotional needs of the children (change diapers, give individual attention to any who are crying or upset, etc.).

  • To straighten the room and see to it that things are left clean and neat.

  • To contact the Administrative Manager of the needs of the nursery.

  • To notify the Pastor as soon as possible if it is necessary to be absent so that a substitute can be found.

  • Qualifications:  1.  Basic understanding and love of children; 2.  Familiar with developmental needs of young children; 3.  Able to play on the floor and lift and carry up to 25 pounds; 4.  Dependable; 5.  Willing to participate in training and open to learning; 6.  Must pass screening as defined in the Child Protection Policy and take any training (CPR Certification) as approved by the Session.

  • Work 9:15am-12:15pm on Sunday morning, other times and events as requested (some evening services or special events)



Relates to Pastor, Inreach, and Session in performance of his/her responsibilities.


Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the Session Personnel Committee. 


The Session Personnel Committee will annually review the adequacy of compensation.

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