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In a Nutshell...

Central Presbyterian Church has been serving the Waco area faithfully since 1869, striving through many generations to bring people together in ways that would benefit others, especially the least, the marginalized, the powerless.

In 2004, this congregation took a huge leap of faith by moving from downtown Waco to our present location in Woodway, where we persistently shine Christ's light of love and welcome for our siblings, proclaiming, "Whosoever will, let them claim the waters of life freely!"

  Central Presbyterian Church is a place "where Christ is Central to all we do!” 

Our Mission...

In grateful response to God's love,

  Central Presbyterian builds community by

   · welcoming diversity within our church family,   

   · teaching the Gospel’s unfolding story,

   · nurturing spiritual growth,

   · sharing joyous worship,

   · and fostering an ethic of service.

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