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Director of Music Ministries

Purpose: To work with the Church Organist/Accompanist, Choir, Pastor and Session to coordinate and plan a music program that glorifies God, utilizes and fosters the musical talents of members, develops a sense of fellowship among those involved in music programs, and integrates music into the whole life of the church.


Accountability: Accountable to the Personnel Committee, Session and Pastor.



  • To plan the music program in conjunction with the Pastor

  • To attend Worship and Music Committee meetings.

  • To maintain a choral calendar and communicate music selections for worship services via Dropbox

  • To coordinate/direct the Adult Choir and Adult Handbell Choir.

  • To locate and plan for soloists, instrumentalists, and other guest musicians.

  • To lead a mid-week and a Sunday morning Choir practice.

  • To have extra rehearsals, as needed, with guest musicians and soloists.

  • To provide special music.

  • To coordinate all music needs of the congregation in areas of worship, funerals, and special services.

  • To maintain musical instruments, music library and budget.

  • To move and set up equipment, as needed.

Relationships: Relates to Pastor as head of staff, other staff persons, and supervises the church organist/accompanist. Fellowships with congregants.



  • 2 weeks paid vacation per year.

  • Social Security and Medicare will be withheld, Workman’s Compensation Insurance paid.

  • Compensation is based on qualifications and experience.

Evaluation: Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the Pastor and the Session Personnel committee.


Compensation: The Session Personnel Committee will annually review the adequacy of compensation.


To Apply: Interested candidates, please submit a resume with three references to

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